Monday, February 25, 2008

New Publication in the ISME Journal


While I don't intend to use the DGGE site for my own personal vehicle, some readers may be interested in my most recent publication. I have used cluster analysis of PCR-DGGE gels, band excision and sequencing, and colony-PCR screening of general bacterial clone libraries with cyanobacterial-specific primers to explore the effect of salinity and sulfate manipulations on cyanobacterial communities in hypersaline mats. The methodological approach may be of interest to many members of the DGGE community even if you are not working on cyanobacteria.

Green SJ, Blackford CA, Bucki P, Jahnke LL and Prufert-Bebout L. 2008. A salinity and sulfate manipulation of hypersaline microbial mats reveals stasis in the cyanobacterial community structure. ISME J. 2:457-470

If you are interested in the manuscript, please contact me ( and I will send you a PDF. Alternatively, the article is available for free from the ISME Journal website.

Also, a very interesting article in this month's Applied and Environmental Microbiology regarding the effect of primer mismatches on overall PCR yield.
Bru et al. 2008. Quantification of the Detrimental Effect of a Single Primer-Template
Mismatch by Real-Time PCR Using the 16S rRNA Gene as an Example. AEM 74(5):1660-1663.