Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Post-doctoral position in Israel available


Ok, this isn't strictly a DGGE issue, but you might get to use DGGE....!

If anyone is interested in pursuing a post-doctoral position in microbial ecology, I can highly recommend the following project, sponsored by several excellent scientists in Israel.

The project is a cooperation between the Israel's police Division of Identification and Forensic Science, the Minz Laboratory, the Gillor Laboratory and the Jurkevitch Laboratory.

The goal of the project is to develop a forensic tool for the analysis of soil samples using bacterial communities fingerprints. The post-doc fellow will be in charge of developing, applying and validating protocols for soil analysis using molecular markers, analyzing large numbers of samples, and building an adequate integrative approach for sample correlation. He/she will coordinate the work of students and technicians of the various groups. The research requires skills in molecular microbial ecology, bioinformatics and statistical analysis and biochemistry.

If interested, please contact: Prof. Edouard Jurkevitch (, Dr. Osnat Gillor ( or Dr. Dror Minz (


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